How to Change the SFTP Port In Dreamweaver CS3

When you set up a SFTP server connection for a website in Dreamweaver, the default port used is 22. If you want to use a different port then you need to add a “:portNumber” at the end of the “FTP Host” address field. For example, suppose your web server has an address of and SFTP has been configured on the server to listen on port 1234. In Dreamweaver you need to set the FTP host address to “”.

This technique may work for other versions of Dreamweaver but I am not sure. I have only tested this with Dreamweaver CS3.

How to Install Flash Remoting for ActionScript 2 Library Files Into Flash 9

Flash 9 includes Flash Remoting for ActionScript 3 but it does not include Flash Remoting for ActionScript 2. So if you have Flash projects developed in ActionScript 2 you can’t compile them in Flash 9. Here is how to install the Flash Remoting for ActionScript 2 library files into Flash 9:

  1. Copy the library files from Flash 8 or download the library files directly from here: Flash Remoting For ActionScript 2 Library Files
  2. Copy the contents of the zip file to a new directory created inside the directory: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\First Run\Classes\
  3. Add this new directory to the ClassPath for ActionScript 2
    1. In Flash 9, click Edit | Preferences… | ActionScript | ActionScript 2.0 Settings…
    2. Click the button with the “target” icon in order to browse to the path of the folder you created in the previous step.
    3. Press OK to commit the changes