Avoid Speed Traps with Trapster

Trapster is a website that uses Google Maps to show you where police speed traps are located. Combine this with a GPS-enabled cell phone and you can get a warning whenever you are approaching a “speed trap”. Users of the website can mark new speed traps they encounter to warn other users of the site. Here is a video demo of Trapster in action:


Trapster website screenshot

Free Photo Web Hosting With Adobe Photoshop Express Beta

Adobe has just launched a new beta photo web hosting service called Adobe Photoshop Express which is similar to Flickr. What sets this service apart form the others is that it offers online photo editing capabilities so that you can edit your photos after you upload them. You also get 2GB of free storage space. When you create an account with the service you can get your own unique URL similar to http://whatEverNameYouWant.photoshop.com. It’s a very nice and polished service and worth taking a look.

Here is the link to the Adobe Photoshop Express service: https://www.photoshop.com/express/

Adobe Photo Express

MySpace Developer Website Open

The MySpace developer website is now open. Developers can create and test their applications in a test bed environment. The developer platform uses Google’s Open Social framework. Here is an excerpt from the developer website:

The MySpace Developer Platform (MDP) allows developers to create applications that interact with MySpace members and their social data. With MDP you will be able to create compelling new products that integrate directly into MySpace pages and get exposure to millions of people around the world.

MDP is currently in a sandbox phase. During this phase, we’ll be rapidly adding new documentation, capabilities, and end-user features to the platform. We want your input! You can give us feedback in our forums, notify us about bugs, and contact us directly.”