10.5 Leopard – Server Tools Rant

So far my early dealings with the Server Admin app and other server management tools in Leopard Server have not impressed me much. I was hoping for a lot of improvement over the Tiger versions of the programs but some of the same old bugs are there. In particular the Work Group Manager app has been giving me the same old negative numbered errors occasionally and as with Tiger when that happens whatever process it was doing is instantly aborted without a rollback so you are left with user/computer/group objects with partially edited states resulting in weird errors. At this point I have to roll up my sleeves and do “surgery” on the Open Directory via the “inspector” in order to manually remove the remnants of the aborted process. C’mon Apple… proper error handling with rollback of “atomic” operations is something I learned in my first year of Computer Science. Try/catch blocks with undos of what was done before the process threw an exception please! Showing the user a cryptic error message with a negative number and a reference to a line of source code is ridiculous and way below the standard that is expected of Apple’s typically user friendly software. Rant done.

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