How to Unlock The Nokia 6030 Phone

This is for the AT&T/Cingular Nokia 6030b type RM-75. If you get the newer RM-225 model you CANNOT unlock it through the site listed below. The model type is on the sticker behind the battery near the IMEI code.

  1. Go to
  2. Select phone model 6030B and select “U.S.A.–CINGULAR – Pacific Bell Wireless” as the carrier.
  3. You will need the 15-digit IMEI number from the phone. It’s on the sticker under the battery, and you can also get it by entering *#06# on the phone. (Both of these should give you the same number! Enter the number on the form also, and click “Get my codes!”.
  4. Remove the SIM from the phone (it’s under the battery), replace the battery, and power the phone back up. It will say “Insert SmartChip”.
  5. Follow the instructions from the web page to enter the code. You should get a message “Phone restriction off” which means the phone has been unlocked.

You can now put your AT&T SIM (or any other SIM) back in the phone. If the code doesn’t work, do not keep trying. After 5 attempts your phone will be permanently locked to AT&T/Cingular.

Nokia 6030

How To Open A Combination Lock With A Soda Can

The popular combination Master Locks are susceptible to being opened with a simple tool fashioned from an aluminum can. With this crude tool a thief can pop open a lock in a few seconds. Here is a video that shows how to construct and use this tool which is referred to as a “shim”:

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Basic SQL Injection Exploit with PHP

Here is an example of a basic login function which is taught in a lot of PHP tutorials. The purpose of this code is to prevent someone from viewing a web page unless they provide a valid username/password in a form. The username/password is stored in a MySQL database.

$username = $_POST["username"];
$password = $_POST["password"];$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE Username = '" . $username . "' AND Password = '" . $password . "'";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$validated = false;
while ($rs = mysql_fetch_array($result))
{ $validated = true; }

If a programmer does not do any input validation and uses the very basic username/password authentication example shown above, the following SQL code placed in the “password” field of a web application using code like this will usually give you access to the protected area:

foo' OR 'a'='a

The presence of this vulnerability in the code may allow a malicious
person to execute other SQL commands such as editing or deleting the
data in your database.

Shadow of hand over keybaord