SMS Email Address List For Cell Phone Providers

Below is a list of cell phone companies and the email addresses you need to use to in order to email someone’s phone directly. Also listed is the maximum length of a text message a cell phone subscriber can receive for a particular cell phone company. Where ever you see “phonenumber”, replace that with the full digit phone number of the person you want to email a text message to ( area code + phone number).

Text Messaging

Samsung BlackJack – How To Change The Startup and Shutdown Whoosh Sounds

When I first got my Samsung Blackjack SGH-i607 one of the first things I noticed was the extremely loud and annoying “woosh” sound it would make whenever I powered on and powered off the phone. If you don’t mind the graphics for the start and shutdown screens but hate the loud woosh sounds there is an easy fix that you can do to change the sound to something less annoying. You need to have your Blackjack “app unlocked” before you can do this.

  1. Use sound recorder in windows and make any 4 second wav sound file you want or make a blank one. You can also edit any wave file you have to 4 seconds. Or you can find an existing wav file on your phone and use that. I chose one of the short and quiet notification sounds that come with the phone.
  2. Name the start one start.wav and the stop one stop.wav
  3. Sync your phone and go to the windows folder on the phone. If you want to backup the woosh sounds drag them to a backup folder on your PC. Then drag and drop your new start and stop sounds into the windows folder. You’ll get a overwrite confirmation dialog so just say yes to this. If you are unable to override the existing sounds due to a permission error, then you may need to use a 3rd party file manager program like Total Commander.
  4. Now when you power on and power off your phone you’ll still see the same graphics but hear your new replacement sounds.

Samsung Blackjack

New AT&T Cell Phone Data Plans

Looks like those leaked slides on the Internet were right. AT&T has changed their data plans. They appear to have totally separated Text messaging from the PDA data plans. The data-only PDA plans are cheaper now but when you go to add a Text messaging package you end up paying more in the end. In my case, the PDA Personal Max plan which includes 1500 text messages for $39 would now cost $50 per month ($35 for the PDA data plan + $15 for the 1500 text messages option). I am pretty sure they are grandfathering in people who had the previous cheaper package.

My online account manager still shows me as having the PDA data plan “PDAPERUNL1500MSG” for $39.99. It looks like AT&T hasn’t gotten around to changing the PDA data options in the Online Account Management website so if you were thinking about getting one of those plans you better do it now before the website is changed to reflect the newer rates!