VMWare Server Black Screen Problem

With the Linux version of VMware Server there is a bug where only the person that created a virtual machine can see its window in the VMware client program. Any other user on the server can log into the VMware server client but they will only see a black screen in the guest machine’s window. The fix is to make the .vmx file for the virtual machine executable to all users that will be viewing it with the VMware server client program:

chmod +x theGuestVMwareMachine.vmx

Wii Destruction

When the Nintendo Wii was first released, there were no wrist straps to prevent the controllers from accidentally flying into T.V. screens when they slipped from the user’s hands. Nintendo has since learned from the thousands of smashed screens to now include wrist straps with their controllers. Here is a video of a kid whose Wii bat goes sailing into the family entertainment center. I hope he at least got a home run out of that 😛

WordPress Help Sheets

I normally use Joomla for website development so I am still in the process of learning WordPress. “Cheat sheets” always help me remember those little important details you come across while learning a new topic. I found a couple of PDF help sheets for WordPress that look like they will be very handy to keep around while I am learning WordPress. Here are links to the WordPress help sheets: