OS X – Read TrueCrypt Images in OS X with OSXCrypt

Up to now, only Windows and Linux users have been able to use the great encryption program Truecrypt. The benefits of TrueCrypt is that it offers VERY secure methods of encryption and the encrypted files it makes can be read on both Windows and Linux computers making it cross-platform and people could share files between the two operating systems. Today OSXCrypt was released which now allows OS X users to create and read TrueCrypt files which will allow cross-platform compatibility with Windows and Linux users. To my knowledge this is the first truly free cross-platform encryption solution available for OS X users and any computer administrator that works in a cross-platform environment knows the value of this. Currently OSXCrypt is a program you run at the terminal so it is not that “mac like” with a pretty graphical user interface. But thanks to the power of open source software, you can bet that in short order someone will develop a nice pretty user interface for it.

Here is a link to the OSXCrypt website where you can read more about it and download the program: Link

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