How to Reset the Admin Password in ColdFusion MX 6

  1. Locate the “neo-security.xml” file in the \lib\ subdirectory of your ColdFusion install
  2. Find the following line in the file
    <var name=’’><boolean value=’true’/></var>

    and change it to

    <var name=’’><boolean value=’false’/></var>
  3. Restart the ColdFusion Application Server service.
  4. Now you can log straight into the admin interface without being prompted for a password.
  5. Go to the change password screen for the admin interface and then set a new password. DO NOT CHECK THE BOX near the top labeled something like “Use password”. Just press the submit button after specifying a password.
  6. Now reedit the “neo-security.xml” file and change the variable back to “true”.
  7. Then restart the Coldfusion Application Server services again to put the changes into effect.
  8. You should not be able to log into the admin interface with the new password that you set.


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