Avoid Speed Traps with Trapster

Trapster is a website that uses Google Maps to show you where police speed traps are located. Combine this with a GPS-enabled cell phone and you can get a warning whenever you are approaching a “speed trap”. Users of the website can mark new speed traps they encounter to warn other users of the site. Here is a video demo of Trapster in action:


Trapster website screenshot

Google Maps – How to Enter GPS Coordinates

To find a location in Google maps using GPS coordinates, specify the coordinates in the search field in this format:

[latitude degrees] [latitude minutes] – [longitude degrees] [longitude minutes]

Do not include the “[” or “]” characters above when you enter the search coordinates in Google Maps. Here is an example of some coordinates and how you would enter them into Google maps:

Latitude: 8 33' N
Longitude: 83 30' W

Enter this into the Google Maps search field:

8 33.000 - 83 30.000

Google Maps