IP Address Ranges for Countries

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If you need to know what IP address ranges are allocated for an entire country, you can download a list for each country from the IPdeny website. This would be useful if you wanted to just firewall block an entire country from accessing your server like all of those hackers in China hammering your SSH […]

How to Block an IP Range with IPTables

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If you want to block a range of IP addresses from accessing your CentOS server you can issue the following IPTables firewall command: /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -m iprange –src-range -j DROP Replace “” with the IP range you want to block. This command only works with the IPTables firewall so if your operating system […]

How to Change the Port on NX Server

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NX Server is a commercial application released by the company NoMachine. It allows you to connect to your Linux server similar to how you would connect to a Windows computer using remote desktop. NoMachine offers a free version of the product which has a restriction of only allowing 2 simultaneous connections to the server. NX […]