AdobePDF.dll Error When Installing Adobe Acrobat in Windows XP x64

When installing Adobe Acrobat whether it be the standalone installer or part of a larger collection such as “Design Studio”, you may get an error about 2/3 of the way through the installation. The error complains about not being able to find the AdobePDF.dll file on the Windows Vista CD. This file is not on the Vista CD but is in the Adobe Acrobat installer files. You need to find the Adobe Acrobat installer files directory and locate Within that will be a file named AdobePDF.dll_64. Copy that to your desktop and rename it to AdobePDF.dll and point the installer to that location. The installation should then proceed normally.

Adobe Acrobat

6 thoughts on “AdobePDF.dll Error When Installing Adobe Acrobat in Windows XP x64”

  1. Wow – I’ve been struggling to find a way to get A8 Pro to load in Win 7 and coming up empty-handed…UNTIL…I happened to find this site.

    Using your suggestion – found the file on the A8 install disk (“Data1”) and copied it to the Desktop, renamed it as you instructed, pointed the installer to that file and – VOILA – the install restarted and continued successfully.

    THANKS – for putting this up !!!!!

  2. Yes, I agree, this solution works well for installing the ‘missing’ adobepdf.dll on Vista OS. Thanks.

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