How To Allow MacOS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 Client Computers To Update Against a MacOS X 10.6 Sofware Update Server Using a Single Common URL

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UPDATE: There is an Apple support doc that covers this subject. The document covers a few other different techniques of doing this: ———— UPDATE 2: The Apple support doc mentioned above lists a solution using Apache mod_rewrite. That was the solution I needed to work since it allows for this change to be completely […]

How to Enable Open Directory Debugging

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By default the MacOS X Open Directory debugging log file is disabled. You can temporarily reenable it by running the following command in the Terminal app: sudo killall -USR1 DirectoryService After you reboot, debugging will be disabled again. If you want to enable Open Directory debugging so that it stays enabled across reboots, run the […]