How to Configure Splunk to use a Web Proxy Server

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A Splunk server I installed was configured such that it could only communicate with hosts within the corporate network so it did not have direct internet access. This posed a problem when trying to use the “Browse Splunkbase” option in the Splunk administrator web interface. I also could not use the “iplocation” data-processing command. This […]

How to Block an IP Range with IPTables

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If you want to block a range of IP addresses from accessing your CentOS server you can issue the following IPTables firewall command: /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -m iprange –src-range -j DROP Replace “” with the IP range you want to block. This command only works with the IPTables firewall so if your operating system […]

Declassified NSA Document Which Reveals the Story Behind the Discovery of TEMPEST

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The NSA recently declassified a document which revels the story behind how the United States first discovered the security threat of TEMPEST. TEMPEST is defined in Wikipedia as: TEMPEST is a codename referring to investigations and studies of compromising emanations (CE). Compromising emanations are defined as unintentional intelligence-bearing signals which, if intercepted and analyzed, disclose […]